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Your Face

Looking at your face
I know who you are
But there's nothing familiar
About the color in your eyes
I love you, "I think"
But, "I am not in love with you"
By the look on your face
You did not hear me
Your mouth keeps moving
Saying things I'm too tired to listen to


I don't remember why we are together
Your phone keeps vibrating
I've grown used to it now
I say nothing as you twitch
To look at it
I see your face
My ears forcefully focus on your voice
As I peel my attention away from my book
I hear you tell me of
Your day
But your days are all the same
and you complain
             you complain
Looking at your face
I remember why we are together
But the reasons land on a shipwrecked
Coast I hardly visit, and you completely dismiss.
Then I notice that you are still, your arms flat,
Your mouth isn't moving.
I hear a sound I recognize, clearly
a familiar voice resonates at the tip of my ears
Brushing your face and it changes
"It is over, I don't love you"

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