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The Party

Dim the lights a little more

It's not quite dark and almost four


I'm all alone, but never lonely

I have my thoughts to keep me company


It bothers him, and her, and them

But I don't mind that's how I am


I do not try to make amends

While blood pumps to my heart's end

The dinner party bores me so

I try to walk out on my tip toes


They take my faintly tainted lips

         as an invitation

To speak with me of politicians

        or others' elations


Now let's pretend, that all is cheery

Be what others want from me

Play a role that makes me sore

Keep the cobwebs just at the shore

Get on a stage and start to dance

Let them pull at the strings of my hand


I see many shoes all over the place

I don't recognize a single face

I've lost my sweeper and my broom

But we've grown accustomed to this room.

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