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August in Wales

On top of a cliff

I sat down

Taking off my socks and shoes

I breathed in the landscape


I could look out to the sea


The vast blue water moved up and down

sparkling as the sun shined west


The grey clouds moved to one side.

Opening a curtain of light

only birds seemed to hunt after.


It was low tide and I could see

the beach. It was large, so large.

The horizon marked other cliffs I wasn't on yet.


A bird flew in. 

It was beautiful, big and brown in hues.

Immobile, he floated in front of me,

his wings spread out far.

Afraid to move, like him, I floated in stillness.

Covered in grass, I was invisible.


I blinked at the wind,

and like an arrow the bird darted down.

I traced with my eyes the bottom of the cliff

where the ocean met the rocks.

They came together with such great force.

The statuesque bird was gone.


On top of a Cliff

I sat down

I let the landscape fill my lungs

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