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You Made Me feel Crazy

You made me feel crazy

     Like somehow it wasn’t you but me

You made me feel crazy

     Like somehow you couldn’t understand my language

You made me feel crazy

     With that sense of superiority

You made me feel crazy

     Like I’m the one that can’t communicate

     But are you even listening to me?

You made me feel crazy

     Yes, I’m a libra and indecisive

     But you boxed me as that girl that’s “too sensitive”.

     I cry and I cry and you can’t even offer me your shoulder or hold me tightly

You made me feel crazy

     But somehow it wasn’t toxic

     You hid your feelings till it was too late

     Were you hiding? Afraid? ‘Cause it led us astray

     I made plans just in case I had to break away.

You made me feel crazy

     Like when you shut me out for 3 days to a week, and     

     somehow that was a healthy way to have an argument.

     After I clearly expressed more than once that shutting me

     out triggered all my worse thoughts.

But you made me feel crazy

     Even though you couldn’t be accommodating with the person you say you love, “can’t live

     without”. Yeah I know, I clean your dishes, cook you meals, wash your clothes and still find

     time to live my life and make you feel like you’re special in my eyes.

     But when I look at yours there’s no comfort

     You need and need from me, to boost up your ego and I give and give cause I think I’ll  

     receive the same support but all I get is the same dialogue cut in half my way is right,

     appropriate even, yours is impossible to reach.

You made me feel crazy

     But now I know that someone will reach me where I’m setting my bar


     And baby cat you were so short you could never have measured to this fine ah.

     The unbearable lightness of being

     Is this life where you don’t get to drag me down.

You made me feel crazy

     But you were right with one fact:

     Our standards are not a match

     And you taught me that I can ask for more and deserve to be crazy and loved for it.

     That’s it. And I breathe again knowing I don’t have to put up with your shit

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