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This time I'd like to be blunt

This time I’d like to be blunt

We can’t sugar coat everything.

Sprinkle sparkles on all our stings.

The issue is not the distance

Neither is it me or some guy named Lance.

The infection is you

And how you made me feel - prickled hue

You never listened to what I needed

It was too much or just not on your list

You shut me out as punishment

But expected me to fix the elements

You wanted me to support you

But laughed at the hobbies I knew

You were good at telling me what was wrong with me

Thanks to your constant criticism

Part of it got me to build my own resilience

I sought therapy and learned about attachment theory

While you complained about your life


You shamed me for being too sexual

Then nagged me for the lack of it.


This time I’d like to be blunt.

I was never asking for too much

I was never asking for too much.

I was never asking for too much.


Like a witch in the forest, you tricked me to believe I was loved but had to change.

My only fault is falsely believing you would also want to change or compromise or adopt different behaviors to suit me.


You broke my heart

You      broke    my       heart.


But I’m not sad, I’m angry at how little you know me, even when we’ve said, c’est finis.

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