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La métamorphose de l’amant dans le lit

Eyes shut

at first,

then mind opens.

Hearing of the past, the present, the future,

looking at things gone,

and at things done,

at things     yet to come.


I unstuck leather from my legs

like a shedding snake

slithering away into an unknown time.

Lover left behind.


At the same time my body sunk

into the sheets

fiber, fabric

into the mattress

silk and springs.

Swallowed up

I disappeared,

where did you go?


Eyes shut


covered in scales evaporating.

My eyes were cracked marbles

stolen and unpolished, with no discernible colour.

This body wasn’t mine anymore

as I looked out to a celestial pole.


Ce lit ne se fait plus avec lui

just like I found a habit to embroider my ennui,

ce n’est qu’une autre métamorphose

when you sink down and can’t grasp air

commence à avoir l’air

de rien

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