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Nothing to say.

Between us.            The silence is cold as ice.

It cuts through my veins and

lets the blood spill out

hot - it melts the ice cap

beneath my feet.

I fall under the freezing lake.

A blue calm around me

lets me know there is more

that surrounds me -

That's when I realize I need air.

Need to breathe.

But my body stiff can't swim.

I give up

I fight

I give

            in         to       the        night

I realize this is not the same

shadow you cast so big

around me. You sucked all

the light and carried it back

to your secret hidden lair.

Now I notice, I see it, my

eyes blink.

One. Two. Three.


I am back where we started.

The silenced cold night.

So I turn towards you and

tell you, what I thought was

a dream was better than

being around you.

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