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Por favor dame color

O calor. Amor.

Amor amor

But I don’t ask.

That’s what I’ve been taught to do,

or not to. Tough skin, titanium within.

Isolated mind,

I learned to speak in muffled silences.

Sweet treat. They say I’m discreet. As if

a compliment. 

While you think I’m meek and weak,

I shake and sweat my dark thoughts to keep away.

All my energy drench on making sure they don’t sift through,

filter          through.

They have a way of getting into every artery and vein.

Dilate, increased heart rate.

Bleeding into my pores and blanching the membrane of my hairs from root to split end.

Don’t take it so hard, friend. ‘Cause now I laugh like I’ve got diamonds encrusted in my skin.

Don’t call me docile or timid.

I’m a hungry ocean, soaring and vast

No te preocupes

Nadie me dijo

Sola encendi la llama

Que hoy me da calor


Y amor

Amor amor

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